Hello my name is Norma, I’m the founder of Botanica Naturale.  Botanica Naturale is a clean beauty brand that sources non toxic ingredients to create products that’s gentle on the skin and help reduce skin irritations caused from harmful ingredients.

We take pride in sourcing as much botanicals and natural ingredients into our products, while keeping the environment in mind.  A majority of our packaging consist of glass and/or recycled plastic, it’s important to us to do our part to keep our earth safe.

The idea of Botanica Naturale was born in 2018 after years of working in the cosmetic distribution and manufacturing industry.  I worked closely with women like my self who started out by making beauty products in their homes.  Working endlessly and tirelessly on their craft and growing into some of the major brands we see today.  It truly inspired me to start my own brand.  I researched ingredients and formulated my first product, a balm, to help with my children’s eczema, quickly realizing this is my passion.

The name Botanica Naturale originated from my latina background.  I'm a Brooklyn NY native, a wife and a mom to four amazing children. 

 -Norma Harris
Founder of Botanica Naturale, LLC


We are dedicated to bringing you clean, gentle yet effective products. We pride ourselves on knowing exactly what’s in all our products and take pride in creating formulations that are plant based & cruelty-free. We promise to deliver powerfully potent and clean beauty products that will help your skin and soul radiate confidence & positivity.


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